We do Hatha yoga which focuses on the physical asanas (postures) and pranayama (breathing exercises).  All ages, male and female, beginners or intermediate - for general fitness and wellbeing, relieving stress, building strength and improving suppleness.   Bring a yoga mat if you hve one (but spare mats are available) - dress appropriately for stretching and movement

Why do yoga?  There are many reasons but here is one very good reason to try.

Posture is a big issue for the many people who spend most of their working day in front of a computer.   If you drive to and from work and take your down time sitting on the couch, you are going to find yourself with back pain at the very least.  Even if your work is physical or you do sport the range of movement you use can be limited and back problems are common.  There are many ways that the yoga helps, building core strength, increasing the range of movement you have, strengthening the muscles that support the spine.  Getting up to move and stretch a few times a week can be preventative and even treat the pain you already have.

New members are welcome. Call 01938 850578 or 07583079423 for more information.