Becoming A Community Councillor

Are you interested in becoming a Community Councillor?

Local community and town council elections take place in May this year. One Voice Wales have published a video to help you understand this important role and encourage you to make that step to help your community.

Watch the video to discover:

  • About the contribution community and town councillors make to society
  • How community and town councillors are well placed to know the priorities and needs of their local area and how councils can collaborate with local partners to achieve positive change
  • The importance of diversity in local government
  • The challenges councillors face and the support available to them e.g., through training programmes provided by One Voice Wales
  • The skills, knowledge and experience gained through the role and their wider application in other aspects of life and employment, the exposure to a range of unfamiliar issues and a greater understanding of how local democracy works
  • That everyone has skills to bring to the role of Councillor from their daily life e.g. organisation, communication, problem solving etc.

Watch video: In English In Welsh