CCRA AGM Minutes


Castle Caereinion Recreation Association
Registered Charity No 510862
Minutes of Committee meeting
held on 22 May 2023


Title Name Members of Public and User Group Reps

Chair Kate Hamer (KH) Powys County Council
Secretary Bob Whiteoak (RW) WI
Treasurer Lucy Mason (LM) Cinema Club/Yoga
Community Council Rep Paul Roberts (PR) Bowls Club
Buildings Debbie Roberts (DR) Public Attendees Shirley Groves
Caretaker Margaret Evans (ME)
Member Karen Jones (KJ)

Subject Action Comments/
Plan to Resolve

1.0 The Chair opened the meeting at 7.20
PM immediately following the AGM.
2.0 General Public:
No items were raised.
3.0 Approval of minutes of the previous
Minutes of the previous meeting were
proposed by LM and seconded by PR as
a true record.
4.0 Matters arising from the last
A. Broadband: The WI FI password
needs changing but there is an issue
with connection.
B. Grounds: The Mower has been
purchased. Rather than spend money
on a shed it was discussed whether
space could be found in the Hall
C. Replacement Doors/Windows:
Meadowview have been paid the deposit,
awaiting a date for installation.
D. Non slip polish is still required.
E. Chair ferrules required.
F. Strip Lights require replacing
G. Pedestrian Gate



Afternote: Agreed out of
Committee that a full asset and
location list be compiled, and
space made in the storeroom
currently housing table and chairs

To source
Available on Amazon
Needs ladders or scaffolding, KH
to ask Mr K Salter if he can assist.
Nothing heard

5.0 Treasurer’s Update:
LM provided a balance sheet, hard copy
attached to the AGM; this will now be
independently verified.


6.0 Events Update/Hall Bookings:
a. ME reported that there had been the
following weekday and weekend
bookings in April:
Weekday 10 Weekend 0.
7.0 Buildings and Grounds:
A. Removal of the Gas Tank – Still
waiting for PCC and the Diocese.
B. School Grounds: The grass around
the school playground area requires
cutting and the bins attached to the
school building are being used by dog
walkers to dispose of poo bags. RW E-mail to PCC sent
8.0 New Items/AOB:
A. Moving one of the goalposts was
discussed and will be investigated.
B. SW proposed a separate meeting to
discuss marketing.
C. SW proposed research into grants for
getting Solar Panels, inverters and
batteries installed.



Agreed Date TBD


9.0 Date of next meeting:
The next meeting of the Recreation
Committee will be the AGM at 7.00 PM
on Monday 26 th June.
There being no further items to discuss
the Chair closed the meeting at 8.10 PM.