Changes to Community Hall Charges

You may, or may not, be aware that the majority of funds to run the Community Centre used to come from Powys County Council who rented the
facilities for use by the school. This money has stopped due to the closure of the school last August. It was used to pay the caretaker and went a long
way towards the maintenance of the buildings, which meant that we could keep prices to hire the hall very low.

Income was also negligible during the previous two years due to the Covid pandemic. Since then bookings have more or less returned to the usual
pattern, however we now have the cost of living crisis and the massive rise in utility bills (LPG and Electricity). We are still connected to the school for LPG Gas and we will in the near future disengage from that. We also have various health and safety aspects that we must pay for (for example
electrical inspections), and the prices have skyrocketed. All this is eating into the Michael Roger’s bequest which should not be used for the day to day running of the centre, as it will soon run out; but it is needed for building improvements.

Unfortunately, the income from hiring does not cover these outgoings or the wages of the caretaker, so we have no option but to raise prices from
the beginning of April. We have had a look at what other Village Halls in the area charge, and they all charge by the hour. We are therefore going to do the same but remain competitive. We will also be curtailing a small number of contracts and going for self help by volunteers to maintain the building and grounds.

Please see the attached schedule of charges from 1st April. Please feel free to email us or corner us in the Lion or the centre if
you have any questions.

Email: Chair Treasurer Secretary