COVID-19 Vaccination Programme News

Updates from Powys Teaching Health Board

Booster appointments are under way. Your invitation will normally be from the health board, and will be no earlier than six months after your second dose. In practice it will normally be around six to seven months after your second. If your second dose was before 21 March and you have not received your invitation letter we have a priority access form to let us know. Everyone aged 12-15 registered with a GP in Powys should have received their invitation. “First offer” appointments have taken place. If you did not receive an invitation, or were not able to take up your first offer then please drop-in sessions are available. First and second dose appointments are continuing, and you can use our regular drop-in clinics if you have not already taken up the invitation. Welsh Government has announced plans to further extend the COVID Pass. Remember that it will take at least two months for your COVID Pass to be “double dosed” so it is important to plan ahead. Third primary doses are recommended for certain individuals who had severe immunosuppression in proximity to their first or second dose. A clinical review has taken place across Wales and people in this group in Powys who don’t receive an invitation letter by 10 November can use our online form to let us know.COVID-19 infection in pregnancy carries a significant risk of hospital admission and a higher risk of severe illness than for the non-pregnant population. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding you can attend our drop-in clinics, or talk to your Powys midwife to find out more about COVID-19 vaccination. Our next online Q&A session is taking place on 16 November to answer your questions about COVID-19 in Powys. Please be aware that our booking telephone number will be changing as we upgrade our telephone system. Appointment letters will be updated with the new number, and the old number will have a recorded message explaining the new arrangements. Coronavirus continues to circulate in Powys. Remember … Hands Face Space Fresh Air and Get Tested to Keep Powys Safe. You can continue to find all the latest information about COVID-19 vaccination on our website at