Our village shop…NOT OPEN ALL HOURS!

For as long as anyone can remember,  Michael Rogers has been running the shop in Castle Caereinion. 

Not only does he sell you the necessities of life, like food and drink and newspapers and sweets, but he also provides the most important information exchange in the community. And he will order in any special items you might require…unlike the main supermarkets.  Give Mike a try, you will be surprised!

This is not just about putting up posters for your forthcoming event, or about selling your unwanted car, sofa or offering your ironing services; It is also about circulating information (I didn’t say rumours!) about what is going on in our neck of the woods. .  In fact he is our local Ronnie Barker  newscaster!

The shop really is called Not Open All Hours, as you can see.  Of course, this tends to get Michael nicknamed Arkwright from time to time, although he is noted for his generosity and cheerfulness, unlike the TV character.  In fact it sometimes seems that a party is taking place in the shop, from all the noise and laughter that can be heard right down the street.   And this at 10 in the morning, or earlier!

Michael gives you that good old-fashioned service with a smile and a joke. And, Michael does his best to provide a personal but unofficial Post Office by selling a few stamps, however, if you want more you will have to discover when the mobile Post Office is around or travel to Welshpool.