School Closure – Don’t Make This a Walk in The Park

The consultation for the Castle Caereinion Church in Wales school closure is in progress. Please keep fighting for the Castle families and the community of today and tomorrow.  Once the school is gone it will be lost forever. 

Register your response to the consultation here:

Please don’t assume that everyone else will do it – every contribution is needed to stop the council from eroding village life and the benefits of rural living.

Opinion: Benefits of keeping schools local – Richard Oke

published in the County Times, Friday 9th April 2021-

“Teaching independence and to value your own community, also keeps villages together and growing. It encourages children to return as an adult. Gives young life at the centre of the community. Creates a web of connections with local people. Sends a statement of where we place our values”

Read Richard’s letter in full –—please-dont-destroy-essential-parts-communities/